30 Second TV Commercial
30 Second Rv Commercial
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30 Second Video Preview
30 Second Video Preview
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New Automatic Slider Operator
no more heavy doors, let the fresh air in at the flick of a button. Call for prices and installation schedule
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Wilma Part 2
Witness even more destruction from hurricane Wilma
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Wilma 1
Witeness the deadly wind and flying debris during hurricane Wilma.
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Anatomy of a Hurricane
An Explanation of the Anatomy of a Hurricane
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Hurricane Rita
A daredevil on a bike chances his fate while riding a bike on a boardwalk during hurricane Rita
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Last Live Video Of Katrina/Rita Hurricane 2005
This is after everyone was ordered to evacuate. In the local library trying to find safety while riding out the storm. \"We had no idea what would then happen. When the video cuts out, it was because we realized we were about to be trapped. We had to climb the library shelves, then use guns to shoot out the windows.\" Very Scary, Very Dangerous. Never before seen Footage...Note: You will see a green car. A man must have fallen asleep, there was no way to get to him. People look at this video...this was on the way to New Orleans. Same Coast. It was a natural disaster. KNOW THIS!! Mike, Tom, Randy,Mama,(How nice),tyler, Rick, and most of all Astara I love you all endlessly. I will never forget what we all shared. Katrina the Home Wreker...LA 2 LA Riding out the storm 2005!
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Hurricane Destruction
Hurricanes batter coastlines and send deadly debris flying through the air. http://video.nationalgeographic.com/?source=4001
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Hurricane Ike - Florida Keys - September 8-9, 2008
During the first week of September, 2008 Hurricane Ike tore through the islands of Turks & Caicos and Great Inagua as a category four, with sustained winds of 135mph, before making landfall on the north coast of Cuba as a strong category three, with 120mph winds. Ike crossed the eastern and central provinces of the Cuban mainland and moved offshore, paralleling the south coast of the island, making another landfall over the western portion of Cuba and emerging into the Gulf of Mexico. The hurricane continued across the Gulf and made a final landfall near Galveston, Texas as a borderline category two/three, with 110mph winds, during the early morning hours of September 13th. The hurricane caused extensive wind and storm surge damage in the affected areas, virtually obliterating several coastal communities on the Bolivar peninsula of the upper Texas coast. With monetary losses over $31 billion (USD), Ike is now ranked as the third costliest hurricane in United States history. From the afternoon of September 7th through the evening of September 9th, storm chasers Michael Laca, Jim Leonard, Jose Garcia and Max Hagen intercepted numerous outer rainbands, from Hurricane Ike, in the middle and lower Florida Keys, as the storm passed well to the south. At the time of Ike\'s closest point of approach to the Keys, the hurricane was a category one with sustained winds of 80mph and a central pressure of 965mb (28.50in). Although the center of Ike remained a significant distance (150 miles) to the south, the hurricane had a very large windfield and produced sustained tropical storm conditions (39-73mph), with gusts of near hurricane-force, across most of the Florida Keys, which resulted in some minor wind damage. These strong winds produced a 2-3ft storm surge in exposed locations on the Atlantic side of the lower Keys. During high-tide, many low-lying areas experienced significant flooding. Numerous tornadic thunderstorms were also embedded within the outer rain bands of Hurricane Ike and several confirmed reports of tornadoes and tornadic waterspouts have been received from locations throughout the Keys.
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