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Clear Panels

Quick and easy.

Depending on the product, these are available in various widths up to 57”. One panel can cover the average window making it quick and easy as the panels are lightweight. Some panels yellow so be sure to ask what guarantees come with the panels regarding discoloration. Remember that the smaller width the panels, the more you will have to install taking you much longer to prepare for a storm.


· Relatively inexpensive

· Lightweight

· can be mounted from inside the house for upstairs windows

· even when the whole home is covered light flows in

· can be installed in June and taken down at the end of hurricane season

· larger panels mean less storage problems.


· Make sure the panels you select are warranted against discoloration (Florida sun is hard on materials)

· Panels need to be stored although these are much less cumbersome than metal panels. Some Panels need to be stored individually wrapped and kept in a dark room.

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