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Roller Shutters

Fast and easy to deploy.

Perhaps the easiest of all shutters to deploy, these shutters can be either manually operated or for larger openings, motorized and deployed instantly with the flick of a switch. Certain homes permit an almost invisible installation, and if installed during construction of a new home, an invisible installation can be achieved. Smart-Drive™ is a technology that allows electric shutters to still operate even when the power goes out, (these are exceptionally quiet in operation) which is typical during a severe storm.


    • Fast and easy to deploy, almost invisible until deployed
    • These are typically installed on lanais, protecting not just the windows and sliders but also the furnishings on the lanai itself
    • can be used as additional home security
    • helps keep home cool in summer months and warmer during winter months if used year round
    • Keeps lanai areas clear from debris and dust and can even create an additional temporary room


· highest cost of all shutters

· certain shutters can be noisy in high rise situations

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