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Jim Syoen's Bio

I've been forecasting the weather for over 13 years in Southwest Florida, and have seen many changes in those 13+ years. Today, we as a community, are much more educated and informed, thanks in great part to the Internet. We are also personally wiser, due to our experiences with Hurricanes Charley and Frances.
One thing that has not changed however, is Hurricane Preparation, which has always boiled down to 2 things.

1. Have a plan to protect you and your loved ones.
2. Have a plan to protect your property.

I want to tell you that Clear Choice Shutters is the clear choice to help you with both. Whether it's hurricane shutters or hurricane proof glass, they guarantee you will be satisfied with the exceptional quality of their work. I understand as much as anyone why QUALITY Hurricane protection is important. I know this company. I know their work. I know these people. Bottom line, I am very proud to be associated with Clear Choice Shutters.

We started the 2008 Hurricane Season 2 days early this year with Tropical Storm Arthur, and NOAA and Dr. Grey both believe that this will be an active season, and I concur.

Get the piece of mind that comes with having a protected home this Hurricane Season, and call Clear Choice Shutters.

Jim Syoen’s weather can be seen every weekday at www.naplesnews.com.


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