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Power Plus

Power Plus ensures safety and shelter from the storm.





The Power Plus company provides a battery back-up power supply to the electric rolling shutter. TORA products are designed to be used in a power outage condition. The TORA units will operate your Shutter as if the utility power is still on. The TORA eliminates the need for manual override systems (hand cranks).





    • Fast and easy to deploy, almost invisible until deployed
    • These are typically installed on lanais, protecting not just the windows and sliders but also the furnishings on the lanai itself
    • can be used as additional home security
    • helps keep home cool in summer months and warmer during winter months if used year round
    • Keeps lanai areas clear from debris and dust and can even create an additional temporary room


· highest cost of all shutters

· certain shutters can be noisy in high rise situations

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